Our company  SOKOLOFF ENVIRONNEMENT follows your drilling and installs all types of pumps in your borehole.
After drilling by a partner driller, we will study the pump model best suited to your project taking into account the wather capacity that the drilling will bring.
Submerged pumps for drilling or well pumps with proposal only in case of need of a filtration station
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Why is drilling done by a partner driller ? Simply, here are two very different prefessions :

    • The driller must have notions of geology, geotechnics … The drilling, made from the surface, must cross the protective layer (s) to penetrate the sheet to be captured. The depth of the structure can vary by several meters. The driller adapts his actions to the information he has and deduces according to the parameters of his drill what happens in the basement.
This is why we work in collaboration with experienced drillers specialized in water drilling and skills with the necessary means for the proper execution of works in the rules of art.
    • Our hydraulic specialist technician determines all the equipment needed for pumping. SOKOLOFF Environnement intervenes after drilling.
    • After studying and estimating the future pumping station, we put the pump submerged and the pump suction in the borehole with all the necessary safety so that the pumping equipment does not fall to the bottom of the well..
    • The drill head is adapted, welded on site or in our workshop.
    • The lack of water safety, control box, non-return valve, bladder tank and all other accessories are installed.


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Sokoloff Environnement

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Téléphone: 04 90 94 15 33

Mobile: 06 11 16 32 89

Bloc marque adherent Unep
L’ UNEP est la seule Union Professionnelle représentative en France de la Profession d’Entrepreneur du Paysage dont fait partie la SAS SOKOLOFF ENVIRONNEMENT.