Work Step by step


1 – Your Underground Watering



You ground to be watered is measured.
The place of trenches and glances is realized by a drawing in the plaster or in the paint spray following your plan.
The setting-up(presence) of sprinklers and tuyères* is indicated by a piquetage.
The place of trenches and manholes is realized by a drawing in the plaster or in the paint spray following your plan.
The setting-up of sprinklers and spray heads* is indicated by a staking.
* accordint to chosen option

SOKOLOFF ENVIRONNEMENT uses its own machine-tools and is so totally independent.The trenches and other earthworks are carried out with an excavator or a slicer according to the quality, hardness and depth of field selected.According to specific needs, more powerful machines will also work in the field.To prepare the bed for the pipes, trenches and holes are cleaned and cleaned out manually.


The equipment installed is of French manufacture with recognized characteristics, the fittings are suitable for the type of pipe.The circuit of sprinkler and drip*, the electrical sheathes* are unrolled and implemented.All of the circuits is stumbled to remain well and cut funds for a future permanent filler.
(* sprinklers and nozzles will be mounted at a later stage)* Depending on option chosen



Sprinkler valves and drip * are installed in the manholes, the size and number of which, are adapted to the installation.Electric valves are fitted with removable unions *, this allows easy removal during maintenance or repair.Electric valves are fitted with isolation valves *. In case of problems, the isolation valves allow not to stop the entire system and isolate the defective part (especially during hot weather)* Depending on option chosen



Before patching final warning fences* are placed at proper depth in the trench.
The backfilling of trenches is done :
• By centering the pipe in the trench axis
• By machine (excavator)
• Manually (rake) after the trim level selected.
Finishing filler is suitable for possible future work (sod, driveway …) :
• Dome* land left to natural settling.
• Land leveled according to the ground*.
• Compaction*
* depending on chosen option


Electric cables are pulled in the electric sheaths.
The controller of arrosage* is upstream settled and connected and downstream.
The tight connections ” special irrigation ” are organized in the glances in vanne*.
The installation is linked with the existing network of water and electric and all the tries are made.
* According to chosen option


All the circuits in water are purged.
After the possible passage of the landscape painter, sprinklers and spray heads* rose to level of the ground or according to the option of chosen finishing.
Sprinklers and spray heads* are settled according to the recommended angle.
The tubes of surface dripper and the microcomputing spraying are settled.
We make the definitive stake in functioning of the installation.
* According to chosen option


When you get your project, we explain you the complete working of the installation with the delivery of the instruction booklet.
We train you in the manipulation of controller*.
We realize an explanation about the ” time of watering ” according to the climate, the weather conditions and to the site.
After the reception of your project, we remain at your disposal for any further information and we remain reachable at any time.
* According to option chosen
To take advantage of your garden at any time, without ever being worried by its maintenance, we propose you contracts under various forms.




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