Automatic Watering


SOKOLOFF ENVIRONNEMENT puts all its know-how in the service of its customers.
After the beginning of career in engineering consulting firm for one of the leading brands on the world market of the automatic watering, SOKOLOFF ENVIRONNEMENT applies its professional skills to construction sites in the installation of systems of underground automatic watering, of surface, localized …. :



Green Spaces


Watering of private or public gardens, stadiums, tennis courts…

Residential Watering :

  • Arrosage de jardins, villas, résidences privées, gazon, pelouse, goutte à goutte, micro-aspersion, brumisation…

Municipale Irrigation :

  • Arrosage de parcs et jardins publics, mur végétal, espaces verts municipaux…

Arrosage de Terrain de Sport et Golf :

  • Arrosage de stades, tennis, complexes sportifs, arrosage spécifique de golfs, avec du matériel homologué par les fédérations sportives
  • Gestion centralisée, stations de pompage…

Agricultural Irrigation


SOKOLOFF ENVIRONNEMENT also performs all types of automatic irrigation systems in agriculture to market gardening, greenhouses, tree crops, under foliage, etc…

Agriculturale Irrigation :

  • Canon irrigation, greenhouse irrigation, spray, antifreeze …

Electric Cupboard :

  • Manufacture of cabinet programming start watering, fertilizer mixture, alert …

Pumping Station :

  • Manufacture of pumphouse on demand, submersible pump, centrifugal pump …..

Filtration :

  • Stieve filtre, gravel filtre, sand filtre, hydrocyclone filtre… installed with or without pumping

Fitting and Valves :

  • Repair your network with equipment for your installation

Riding School


SOKOLOFF ENVIRONNEMENT is regionally recognized by the professionals of the equitation for its control, itsquality and works with clubs approved by the French Federation of Equitation.
Our know-how: the study and the installation of automatic watering for riding school:

Stabilized outdoor riding school
Outdoor riding school
Indoor riding school

The project and the installation are realized “to measure” by taking into account various criteria as:
The dimensions of the outside riding school
The type of sand
The availability in water of watering
All this bring us to choose the most appropriate of type of sprinklers for the height of jet or the debit in water for example, the programming according to the desires of the customer, etc.




Sokoloff Environnement

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